The Winooski River watershed has been dammed for over 220 years in the hopes of storing water, preventing damaging flooding and producing hydroelectricity.  Many of the dams have been abandoned, neglected and have been deemed to impede fish passage.  These dams have forever altered the Vermont landscape and need further consideration to determine if they should be removed.


Valuable Information and Resources on Dams


Dam ownership, regulations and maintaining and operating a dam

Dams, even small dams for backyard ponds, are significant structures that can have major public safety and environmental implications. As a result, dams are regulated by a variety of federal, state and local laws.  Beyond its regulatory authority, the state also has considerable interest in working with dam owners to see that dams are safe by being well maintained and responsibly operated. The information provided is to help dam owners and prospective dam owners to understand the implications of owning, maintaining and operating a dam.  Read more by visiting the VTDEC site at: http://dec.vermont.gov/facilities-engineering/dam-safety

A brief history of the dams along the Winooski River: winooski_damming

A list of dams within the Winooski Watershed:  WSMD_mp_basin8.assessmntrpt_Apr2008

A recent article on partnerships working towards identifying dams for removal: http://vnrc.org/our_featured_work/vnrc-tnc-and-us-fish-wildlife-to-prioritize-dams-for-removal-in-the-lake-champlain-basin/

A recent article and video on VT dams and some resources: http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/story/news/2017/05/30/colchester-woman-wants-deadbeat-dam-gone/332478001/