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When you think of Vermont, what do you picture?

Green mountains, forests, farms and beautiful rivers………

Or, perhaps the expansive Lake Champlain.

From the top of Camels Hump to the shores of Lake Champlain, every drop of water that falls is impacted by what we do on the land.  Mounting threats to Water Quality including excessive nutrients, algal blooms, sodium chloride, effluent, stormwater runoff and invasive species are impacting not only our water resources, but also the economic vitality of the region.

For the past 75 years the Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District has worked through program initiatives, partnerships and on the ground projects to protect, restore and enhance the natural resources in and around the Winooski River Watershed and beyond.   This important work would not be possible without the dedicated partnership and support of individuals such as yourself.

Your tax deductible donation will allow for the continuation and growth of programs focused on environmental resource conservation needs and helping residents achieve lasting protection through project implementation, education and outreach and partnership support.

Watershed Restoration Fund

The Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District works to protect, restore, and enhance natural resources. This work is centered on agricultural assistance, forestland enhancement, urban conservation, and watershed stewardship.  In each of these areas, WNRCD identifies, develops, and implements programs and projects that address pressing conservation needs.

For a detailed listing of our projects and priorities please visit Our Work. or  WNRCD 2015 Resource Assessment

The WNRCD applies for grants to complete import work.  These grants focus on projects that are identified over a year in advance. To develop and implement programs and projects that arise with no lead time to seek funding, the WNRCD implemented The Watershed Restoration Fund.   Contributions are used to start new initiatives, implement projects, provide non-grant funded services to local citizens, and improve the health of our watershed.  Current funding needs include:

~ Workshop series on Best Management Practices for small Farmers.

~ In-School Stormwater education programs and curriculum creation including hands-on tools.

~ Riparian tree/shrub plantings, bank stabilization along local streams to build wildlife habitat, stabilize banks, and reduce sediment and phosphorus entering our waterways.

~Culvert replacements to allow aquatic organism passage on local waterways.

~Workshop series on stormwater practices that can be done on residential property to reduce nutrients from entering our waterways.

~ Invasive species identification, management, and workshops.


Your tax deductible donations is a great way for individuals and businesses to support and invest in local natural resource conservation issues.

Support continued conservation of Vermont’s natural resources by donating to the fund today!

Businesses and Foundations, to request a donor packet please download a copy below:

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Thank you for your support!

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