Connecting People to a Sustainable and Resilient Landscape Since 1940

*Winooski NRCD is soliciting proposals for a Phase 1 30% Design on removal of Hands Mill Dam. Learn more here.

The Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District is one of 14 Conservation Districts in Vermont. Our goal is to protect soil health and water quality by empowering individuals to make conservation-minded changes in their lives and on their land. We serve all of Chittenden and Washington County as well as three towns in Orange County (Orange, Williamstown & Washington). Our area of service covers more than five watersheds including: the Winooski River,  LaPlatte River, Lamoille River, White River and Lake Champlain Direct. We complete conservation projects with funding from private, state and local entities as well as individual donations. We focus on the areas of agricultural assistance, forestland enhancement, urban conservation and watershed stewardship.

What We Do

   Agricultural Assistance

We are committed to providing agricultural producers with the technical, financial, and educational resources they need to be exceptional stewards of the Vermont landscape.

 Forestland Enhancement 

We are a strong advocate of sustainable forestry practices, and work to ensure that Vermont’s forest land resources retain their economic, social, and ecological benefits.

  Urban Conservation 

We work hand in hand with local partners to promote appropriate stormwater management practices, providing technical, financial and educational resources. 

   Watershed Stewardship 

We constantly seek to improve and protect Vermont’s network of rivers and streams so that everyone may enjoy the myriad benefits that these water resources provide.