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The WNRCD has compiled agricultural resources for farmers including; technical, financial, and educational resources that are need to be exceptional stewards of the Vermont landscape.  Agricultural assistance is still one of the WNRCD core programmatic areas.   Our close connection with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS),  the Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets, and UVM Extension allows us to lay out a variety of options and pinpoint specific programs that may be of interest to farmers,based on their specific concern or needs.

View the WNRCD Multi-media, interactive presentation on Agricultural Best Management Practices

Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMP’s) are management techniques and actions that protect and enhance soil and water conservation. When used together, these practices not only protect natural resources through controlling phosphorus runoff and soil erosion, they also can improve the livelihood of the farmer.

This multi-media, interactive presentation is sponsored in-part by an agreement awarded by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission to the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission in partnership with the Lake Champlain Basin Program (LCBP) and support and partnership from the Vermont Association of Conservation Districts (VACD), The Natural Resource Conservation Council (NRCC), The Natural Resources Conservation Services/ Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets (NRCS/USDA) and the University of Vermont Extension (UVM)

Useful Links

Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture can be rewarding and connect you to your source of food.  For helpful information to start your own backyard garden, community garden, limited space/ balcony/rooftop garden or a school garden, check out the links below.

High Tunnels


Garden Planting Calendar
Successful Container Gardening
Before You Make Your First Container Garden
Growing Plants Indoors & On Porches
Troubleshooting Indoor Plants
Top Herbs for a Kitchen Garden
Database of Plants Toxic to Pets

WNRCD Factsheet Series

Horse Manure Composting Factsheet

Horse Compost Bin Design

Soil Aeration factsheet

Soil Sampling

The WNRCD offers soil sampling to farmers for their nutrient analysis.  We also work with local farmers on their NMP.  For more information, please email:

Soil Health

Tile Drainage

Vermont Agency of Agriculture Foods & Markets summary of assumptions and facts about the use and impact of subsurface tile drainage on Vermont’s farms and waters.  For more information visit the website.

View the Interim Report: VAAFM-VANR-Subsurface-Tile-Drainage-Interim-Report-02152016

 Conservation Practices and Information

Data from edge of field water quality monitoring system helps measure impacts of conservation practices. Read more at:

Regulations (Act 64)   Required Agricultural Practices

Click here for more information/ links/ and presentations.

Vermont Agency of Agriculture Foods & Markets Required Agricultural Practices (RAP’s).  Act 64, signed into law by the Governor on June 16, 2015.  Stay up to date of important changes by visiting the website.

Vermont Agency of Agriculture Foods & Markets Regulations for Small Farm Operations (SFO’s). Small farms are currently required to adhere to Accepted Agricultural Practices (AAP’s), under Act 64 SFO’s will need to obtain certification and comply with the new RAP’s.  For more information visit the website.

Farmer Wellness

FarmFirst resources and support for farmers. For more information visit the website.

 The Economic Impact of VT Dairy Industry

The Vermont Dairy Promotion Council and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets have partnered to launch a new website and video highlighting the economic impact of the state’s dairy industry.  For more information visit the website.

 Agricultural Funding Opportunities

VT Agency of Agriculture Foods & Markets funding opportunities can be viewed on their website.

Download the VT Agency of Ag 2016 grant program flyer: Vermont Agency of Agriculture 2016 Grant Programs

Funding Availability: