Forestry and Urban Tree


Forests are an important component of Vermont’s landscape, providing a myriad of benefits to both people and wildlife.  They serve as homes and refuges for countless animal species.  They provide timber and maple sap to help bolster our economy.  They filter and clean water.  They offer countless recreational opportunities to adults and children alike.  Our forestland is at risk: from development, improper management, and even climate change. The WNRCD has compiled resources for landowners, municipalities, businesses and organizations who want to better manage and protect their trees.

The Vermont Town Forest Stewardship Guide



NEW Backyard Woods Program

A course for Vermont homeowners interested in caring for their woods

Do you own less than 25 acres in Washington County? Are you interested in learning more about your woods? Do you want to become a more active steward of your woods? Then you may be interested in a NEW Backyard Woods Program being piloted this June by the Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program.  The Vermont Backyard Woods Program is a four-week online program. Each week we will explore a unit that include the following themes:  An Introduction to YourBackyard and Beyond, Getting to Know Your Woods, Backyard Woods Projects, Developing a Backyard Woods Action Plan.

Learn more and register at Backyard Woods Program at

Questions? Contact Kate Forrer at or 802-476-2003.

Stormwater Management Benefits of Trees

A summary of recent work describing and quantifying the stormwater management benefits of trees completed by Stone Environmental for Vermont Forests, Parks and Recreation.

View the report here: Vermont Stormwater Management Manual

Skidder Bridge Information

The WNRCD conducts a Skidder Bridge rental program and through targeted projects and programs,  is working to ensure that our forests and urban trees stay healthy and continue to provide their economic and environmental benefits. To learn more about WNRCD projects and initiatives visit our Forestry section.

Urban Watershed Forestry 

The integration of urban and community forestry and watershed planning factsheets from the Vermont Urban and Community Forestry Program and partners focusing on using trees in urban landscapes for stormwater protection.