WNRCD offers fee based services to municipalities, agencies and not-for-profit organizations at very reasonable rates. We can assist with grant management, document creation, project development and outreach and education.  WNRCD has over 75 years of experience working with municipalities, user groups, and State and Federal agencies for the protection of our natural resources.

WNRCD currently offers services in the following areas:

Water Quality Monitoring

WNRCD can perform physical, chemical and biological monitoring of bodies of water. From the data we can create both technical reports  and outreach/ educational  publications and multi media productions. WNRCD is able to write grants and conduct presentations to targeted user groups and elected officials.  We can also create volunteer, citizen science monitoring programs for you and assist with incorporating biological monitoring efforts into your programs.

WNRCD can offer the following services and more.

  • Soil Sampling
  • Water Quality Monitoring including (Ecoli, Chlorides, Nitrogen, Phosphorus)
  • Invasive species identification and mapping
  • Site assessments to determine cause of water quality impact
  • Targeted outreach efforts (From science to solutions)

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 Soil Sampling for Farmers/ Nutrient Management Plans

The WNRCD can conduct soil sampling for local farmers for their nutrient analysis in addition to assisting with the creation of a Nutrient Management Plan.  We can also come on-site to help determine what best management practices can be implemented on farm land and provide provide referrals for technical and financial assistance for implementation.

Grant Management

The WNRCD will  work with you on project conception and development, identifying grants to apply for, grant writing, RFP and bid management, payment processing, grant deliverable tracking, and grant reporting.

 Technical Report Writing and Publication Creation

The WNRCD will work with you on the creation of high quality reports and publications based on your data.  We can create scientific reports, documents and outreach publications disseminating data for your target audience.

 Project Development and Implementation

The WNRCD will work with you on project development and implementation for natural resource related projects.  We can assist with grass-roots citizen science monitoring to working with state and federal agencies on full scale mitigation projects.

Outreach and Education

The WNRCD will work with you on the development and facilitation of outreach and education programs.  We can coordinate and implement workshops, community engagements, presentations, student instruction and hands on demonstrations.

 Invasive Species Work

The WNRCD will work with landowners, associations, and municipalities on the identification of invasive species; assist with the coordination of mitigation and removal of invasive species; create maintenance plans, funding acquisition, workshop facilitation, and the create of educational publications tailored to your needs.

 Road Salt Application

The WNRCD will work with contractors, businesses and associations on the creation of salt application plans for roads and parking lots.  These plans  incorporate current best management practices, and equipment and application recommendations that will reduce impacts to water quality while maintaining effective public safety and adhere to budgets.

The WNRCD will work with partner agencies on the identification of sensitive or impacted water-bodies from road salt application and identify the best management practices that will reduce the impact from salt thereby improving water quality.

View the WNRCD presentation given at the Septic Summit: Algae and Organic Pollution Septic Summit Presentation  For more information on the event: click here.

If your organization or town is seeking assistance and is interested in learning more about contracting with the WNRCD please email