Board of Supervisors

Winooski NRCD is run by a volunteer board of supervisors. Board members have a variety of backgrounds in conservation, agriculture and financial management. The WNRCD Board of Supervisors meets monthly to discuss programs and natural resource concerns.  These meetings are open to the public.

Interested in Joining?

The WNRCD Board of Supervisors is seeking dedicated District residents to sit on the Board of Supervisors. Eligible Supervisors must reside within WNRCD boundaries.

There are 5 Voting Supervisors and terms are 5 years with a fall election every year for a single seat. Voting Supervisors must follow a formal petition for ballot process. Annual petitions are released in the fall every year and posted to this site. You can also contact us to request a petition once it’s released.

Please find the petition for 2021 below. It must be signed and returned to WNRCD offices by December 21st 2021.

There is no limit on the number of non-voting Associate Supervisors the Winooski NRCD can host, and no term length for these seats. Associate Supervisors still attend monthly meetings and volunteer their assistance in District projects where it best fits their skills. Any and all residents of the Winooski District are welcome to serve as Associate Supervisors upon approval of the Board of Supervisors. If interested in joining as an Associate Supervisor, contact us any time of year and we will help set up a meet and greet with the current Board and answer your questions.

Supervisor eligibility and voting procedures follow Vermont statute.

Supervisor Handbook  

The Winooski NRCD always welcomes passionate people with an interest in natural resource work. Winooski NRCD is an equal opportunity employer.  Review of interested residents shall not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, citizenship, age, color or sexual identity or orientation. Thank you for your interest!

Current Supervisors

Rick Hopkins, Chair

Rick graduated from Hartwick College with a degree in biology and earned his masters degree from the University of Vermont in Natural Resources Planning. After graduating from UVM, Rick spent two years working as a regional land use planner for the Martha’s Vineyard Commission before returning to Vermont to work for the Department of Environmental Conservation. Rick spent close to 29 years working with a wide variety of groups and partners to protect and improve surface water quality throughout Vermont by managing and controlling nonpoint sources of pollution.   For many of those years Rick managed the Section 319 nonpoint source program, the Section 604b water quality planning program and the Vermont watershed grants program. In his spare time Rick is involved with the Cross Vermont Trail Association and the East Montpelier Trails Committee. Rick enjoys being outdoors, downhill skiing, mountain biking and hiking. Rick is a consistent bowler in the low 120s.   Rick hails from a corner of paradise known as East Montpelier.

 Russ Barrett, vice chair

Russ worked for the Vermont Forests Parks and Recreation for 39 years, which included time at the State Tree Nursery, Orange County Forester and as the Washington County Forester.  He graduated from the University of Vermont  Forestry School in 1975.  Now retired he dedicates his time between the WNRCD, Northfield Conservation Commission, serving as the Tree Warden for Northfield, gardening, hiking, and a little golfing as time allows.  He lives in Northfield with his wife Dody, dog Stella and cat Richard.

Paul Hartshorn, Secretary

Paul lives in Waitsfield VT, currently working as a logger and producing maple syrup.  Paul spent his 40+ year career as a dairy farmer in addition to dedicating his time as the Assistant Chief for the Waitsfield Fire Department.  Every year for the past 30+ years, Paul partners with the Fire Department and the State to conduct a fishing derby on his property for youth.

Rich Turner, interim Treasurer

Rich is serving as interim treasurer for the remainder of the 2020 term.

Jeff Cueto, Associate supervisor

Jeff has been a District Supervisor since 2012. He holds a degree in civil engineering and formerly worked for the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation as the chief hydrologist.  Jeff led the Agency’s participation in the federal re-licensing of hydroelectric projects and Act 250 review of major projects, such as ski resort developments.  Since leaving the Department, he has broadened his geographic perspective by providing consulting services to the Low Impact Hydropower Institute, a national organization that qualifies hydroelectric projects under a set of environmental criteria for “green” certification.  Jeff lives with his wife, Linda, in East Montpelier where he grew up on a farm first settled in 1791 by one of the founders of Montpelier.