Septic And E.coli

Septic Systems, Wastewater & E.coli


Septic System Best Management Practices  

  • Pump your OWTS every 2-3 years and have it inspected.
  • Use water efficiently
  • Maintain your leachfield
  • Beware of tank additives
  • Don’t pour grease, oil down the drain
  • Don’t rinse coffee grounds or pour household chemicals and pharmaceuticals down the drain
  • Eliminate or limit the use of garbage disposals
  • Don’t flush non-degradable products down the toilet

Septicsmart Flyer

Guide- Maintaining Your Septic System

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E.coli and Dog Waste

Dog waste left near a body of water can cause increased E.coli.  Please remember to scoop the poop.



Sample Scoop The Poop Sign for your waterway.

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