Flood Ready Communities of the Winooski

The WNRCD in conjunction with partners are pleased to release the Flood Ready Communities of Winooski map.  One of a series of three focusing on regional watersheds.


What Is Your Community’s Level of Flood Resilience?
This scorecard helps communities visualize the actions that other communities up and downstream of them have taken to minimize economic risks during a flood. Such actions can help – or lack of actions can harm – surrounding communities during a flood event. Scorecard users should recognize that the suite of policies towns have adopted must be both enforced and implemented holistically in a community (e.g., not removing a village from a fluvial erosion hazard area) to provide effective resilience during a flood. Additionally, there may be a variety of other actions that towns with high ratings in this scorecard can take to be most resilient in a flood.



April 18, 2017- WNRCD Board of Supervisors Meeting

The WNRCD Board of Supervisors meeting for April 2017 is scheduled for Tuesday April 18, 2017.


All meetings are open to the public and partners.  The meeting will be held at the Berlin office: 617 Comstock Rd, Berlin VT 05602.

The draft agenda is as follows:


WNRCD Board of Supervisors Meeting

9:00 am  Supervisor & Staff Sharing Opportunity

~ Opportunity for general group sharing and discussion on Natural Resource related topics


9:15 am Business Items

~ Approve Winooski NRCD meeting minutes from March 2017

~ Financial Report

~ Project Overview (Staff Progress Report) In-depth discussion on Shoreland Bioremediation

~ Tree Sale Event Update and Planning

~ NRCC Update (Rick Hopkins; NRCC Rep/ WNRCD Board Chair)

~ Update from District Mangers Quarterly Meeting (DM; Corrina Parnapy)


10:00 am Other items

~ NRCS Report and EOE Training (Marybeth Whitten, NRCS )

~ Partnership Discussion (Charlie Baker; Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission)


If time permits

~ Update from Watersheds United Conference

~ Update from RCPP Training and Meeting


11:45    Adjourn


If you have any questions, or would like to request time on the agenda, please email:




WNRCD Presents at Septic Summit

On Thursday March 30th, WNRCD staff presented on using algal biomonitoring to determine organic pollution.  Over 150 professionals and regulatory officials attended the conference.

To view the WNRCD presentation: Algae and Organic Pollution Septic Summit Presentation


March WNRCD Board Meeting 3-21

The next scheduled WNRCD Board of Supervisors Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday March 21st, 2017 at the Berlin VT office.  The meeting will run from 9:30am till noon.

03-21-17_BoardMtg_Agenda- DRAFT

All WNRCD Board Meetings are open to the public and partners.

For more information, please email:



CCST 2016 Sampling Data Poster

2016 WQ Report Poster-page-001


Required Agricultural Practices

The Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District hosted a presentation about the new Required Agricultural Practices on 2-21-17.  A video of the presentation and links to material, resources and information can be found here.



2017 Tree/ Shrub/ Perennial Sale

Announcing the 2017 WNRCD Annual Tree/ Shrub/ Perennial Sale.

The 2017 Brochure is posted

Once our members have received their order forms, the order form will be posted to the website shortly after.

For more information, please email:



Across the Fence on Agricultural Water Quality Partnerships


Announcing Living in Harmony with Streams (Updated edition)

Watersheds United Vermont is pleased to release the 2016 version of the Living in Harmony with Streams Booklet. This booklet is a revision of the original 2012 version. A special thank you to Mike Kline, Vermont DEC Rivers’ Program for updating the language from the original booklet. This booklet provides an explanation of stream processes, how land use decisions impact our rivers and streams and what we can do to reduce erosion, protect our floodplains and make our communities more flood resilient.

WNRCD District Manager Corrina Parnapy happily edited the revised edition and the District is receiving copied to share.  We also have a pdf version: stream-guide-11-16-2016


Happy Holidays !!!!


Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season.    

Best wishes,

The WNRCD Staff and Supervisors.