Board of Supervisors Meetings

All meetings are open to the public and partners.  We encourage active participation by those interested in the protection of our natural resources.  If you have a topic you wish to discuss, please email:



When and Where?

The WNRCD Board Meetings are held once a month, with the agenda and date set at the previous meeting.  Meetings are primarily held at the WNRCD Berlin office in the morning.  

 Meeting Minutes and Agenda


April 2017 Board Meeting: 04-18-17_BoardMtg_Agenda- DRAFT

WNRCD minutes 3-21-2017 Draft


March 2017 Board Meeting : 03-21-17_BoardMtg_Agenda- DRAFT

WNRCD January Board Meeting 2017_Draft Minutes



WNRCD December 2016 Board Meeting_ Minutes

WNRCD November 2016 Board Meeting_ Minutes