May 23, 2017 WNRCD Board of Supervisors Meeting

The May WNRCD Board of Supervisors Meeting will be held on Tuesday May 23rd, 2017 at the Berlin office.

WNRCD Board of Supervisors Meeting

9:00am  Supervisor & Staff Sharing Opportunity

~ Opportunity for general group sharing and discussion on Natural Resource related topics


9:15am Business Items

~ Approve Winooski NRCD meeting minutes from April 2017

~ Financial Report

~ Project Overview (Staff Progress Report)

~ Tree Sale Event Summary/ Discussion


10:00 Other items

~ Winooski Tactical Basin Planning (Karen Bates, VTDEC )

~ Partnership Discussion for Outreach Activities (Luke, VACD- Outreach Coordinator)



~ Set agenda ideas for June meeting

~ Set tentative date for June meeting


11:30am     Adjourn