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Toxic Water

With recent heavy rains in the Northeast there is concern about wastewater flowing untreated directly into our lakes and rivers. Growth, aging infrastructure and increased storm intensity are resulting in wastewater spilling and leaching untreated sewage into waterways. This has included both raw sewage and graywater. Outdated and inadequate infrastructure both public and private are lending to the potential increase in toxic waters, containing harmful algal blooms and pathogens within the waters we drink from and recreate in.


SoChl sampling pressrelease

Essex, VT – Do you harbor a passion for protecting local water quality and are seeking a meaningful way to give back to your community this summer? Then consider volunteering for the Winooski Natural Resource Conservation District’s (WNRCD) new Citizen Scientist sampling program in Essex!


Green Lawn Care

The snow is melting, weather is warming and it is once again time to think about our yards.  There is nothing like a barefoot walk through a soft lawn.  The mixture of clover, grasses and low growing beneficial plants are not only pleasing to the eye, but lend to conservation practices that improve water quality protection




Of Plants Birds and Bees

The first day of spring has arrived and it is time to consider the relationship between what we plant in our yards and fields and the pollinator species we rely on. Be it stunning butterflies, buzzing bees, or beautiful songbirds, they rely on the flowering species and trees we plant. Every spring, songbirds migrate from their winter rest to breeding grounds in Vermont. They need a nutritious source of food for energy and habitat to raise their young. The most nutritious forms of plants are native species.



Despite the snow, Vermonters know that spring is right around the corner. It is the
perfect time to start thinking about incorporating the use of a rain barrel to reduce harmful stormwater
runoff AND reuse rainwater for lawn and landscaping need s! Join the Chittenden County Stream Team
and Colchester Conservation Commission who are hosting a Build-A-Rain Barrel workshop on April 17th
at 5:30 pm at the Bayside Activity Center in Colchester, VT.


13076557_1296697960359550_2908960342321270589_nTree sale Announcement

The Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District is holding its annual fundraiser, offering beautiful native and ornamental trees, shrubs and perennial plants to the public. We offer a wide selection of species for home, garden, and conservation projects. We offer several locally sourced species that are perfect to attract pollinators and birds. All proceeds from this fundraiser are used to develop and implement on-the-ground projects that protect our natural resources, including; riparian and shoreline buffers, stormwater mitigation projects, fish habitat restoration, culvert replacements, and so much more.



It Takes a Watershed To Pollute a Lake

Lake Champlain and other Vermont waters are experiencing impacts to water quality from “pollutants.” These “pollutants” take many forms including excessive nutrients, chemicals and heavy metals. Many factors are contributing to the decreased health of our waterways. These factors don’t just take place within the lake or even the nearshore area; any activity that takes place within a watershed can cause impacts to our water resources. Even those who don’t live along the waters or recreate in them, have an impact.





15055681_1479929612036383_6667781114602275035_nWNRCD Hosting RAP Workshop 2-21-17

On Tuesday February 21, the Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District is hosting a workshop featuring the new Required Agricultural Practices and resources from 10am till noon at the Waterbury Congregational Church



Impact of Road Salt

Living in the Northeast we depend on clear roads during winter to maintain our way of life. Organizations, agencies and municipalities throughout upstate NY and VT understand that there is an impact to the environment from road salt application practices. We must find the balance that protects the environment and still allows for safe roads. Road salt (sodium chloride) was first utilized within the U.S. on roads in NH in 1938. By 1941 a total of 5,000 tons of salt were applied to highways nationwide. Today, between 10-20 million tons of salt are applied annually. This increase in road salt application is having a negative impact on our waterways, soils, cars, and infrastructure. Lake Champlain alone has seen a 30% increase within the past 10 years and many bodies of water within the Adirondack Park have levels high enough to impact native aquatic organisms including fish populations.




On Tuesday November 15, the Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District (WNRCD) celebrated 76 years of conservation successes at their annual dinner at the Canadian Club in Barre VT.  The room was packed, the dinner was delightful and the presentations were informative.





sunew hatspervisorelection_newsrelease_2016








Skiers and fish are an unlikely pairing but they both have one more reason to be excited this fall – an important piece of snowmaking infrastructure is now fish-friendly! Thanks to a partnership between Sugarbush Resort and a team of local, state and federal partners, Sugarbush’s snowmaking weir (basically a small dam to collect water for making snow) in Slide Brook across from Fayston School now allows trout to move upstream and gives them access to 2.4 miles of additional habitat!



The Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District (WNRCD) in partnership with the UVM NR206 Service based learning class, are seeking private sector road salt applicators to take a brief survey.  The outcome will allow partners to better assist contractors to save money and prevent environmental damage.   The survey can be requested by emailing: or by visiting






All are invited to come celebrate a year of successes and partnerships for the protection of our natural resources.  Come listen to engaging presentations, enjoy some amazing food, enter for a chance to win one of our many sponsor donated raffle items and numerous door-prizes and learn about conservation efforts happening within the District.  On Tuesday November 15, 2016 the Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District (WNRCD) will hold its Annual Dinner at the Canadian Club in Barre VT from 5:30-8pm.  All are welcome and invited to attend.  Dinner is $15 a person.






The Essex community joined together along Indian Brook to participate in Vermont’s River Cleanup Month, in partnership with the Chittenden County Stream Team and the Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District.  A natural resource class from the Center for Technology, Essex were joined by community members Sarah Weiss and Daniel Stein on September 28th to clean up Indian Brook in front of Essex High School. The students “dove” right into their work, getting completely soaked and muddy in an effort to remove large items from the stream bed. In addition to over a dozen bags of trash, the group pulled out truck tires, yoga balls, traffic cones, and even a couple of bicycles!



The next time you are taking a stroll in downtown Burlington, keep an eye out for color beneath your feet! During the last weekend of September, four artists worked tirelessly to bring storm drain murals to life around the city; each carrying its own unique, awareness message.
The intention of this art campaign is to raise awareness of the connectivity of storm drains to the lake by creating an eye-catching and beautiful image that each passerby is compelled to take notice of. Each mural contains an inspiring and catchy phrase to remind people that these drains convey untreated stormwater directly to local streams and ultimately Lake Champlain.



The Winooski Natural Resource Conservation District (WNRCD) is currently seeking landowners within the District who live along rivers or streams and are interested in installing riparian buffers on their property during the 2017 growing season.  Riparian buffers are the grasses, shrubs, and/or trees that grow along streams. In natural conditions these plants colonize streambanks, controlling erosion and helping to filter and clean stormwater runoff before it enters our waterways. Without this protection, streambanks become unstable, erode, and become a greater source of non-point source pollution.








The Winooski Natural Resource Conservation District, in conjunction with the Vermont Association of Conservations Districts, UVM Extension and USDA-NRCS, is offering a program to help small farms write Nutrient Management Plans (NMP). NMPs have been required for large and medium farm operations, but under the upcoming Required Agricultural Practice, additionally small farms will be required to account for the use of their manure and other amendments. Implementing an NMP will reduce phosphorus runoff and other nutrient loading; improving water quality in Vermont’s streams, rivers, ponds and lakes, as well as maintaining the health of soils.




Essex, VT – Chittenden County Stream Team and the Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District are seeking volunteers for our upcoming stream cleanup effort on Wednesday, September 28th. Every year, trash illegally discarded or swept downstream, litters the floodplains and substrates of our streams and rivers. In an effort to protect and preserve these important riparian habitats, the state formally recognized September as Vermont’s River Clean Up month. Chittenden County Stream Team (CCST) has chosen to take part in this effort by hosting a stream clean up in Essex!



WinooskiNRCD2016_Working Group Invite – Press Release

The Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District (WNRCD) will host a Local Work Group meeting on Friday September 16, 2016 at The Waterbury Congregational Church, 8N Main Street,  Waterbury VT.  The meeting will run from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., for the purpose of discussing natural resource concerns and issues of District residents.




IMG_20160317_095822404_HDRSeeking Property in need of shoreland erosion control assistance

The Winooski Natural Resource Conservation District (WNRCD) is currently seeking landowners who own shoreline property along the lakes and ponds within the Winooski River Watershed that are in need of shoreline erosion control. The WNRCD is currently scoping projects that involve the implementation of best management practices utilizing bioengineering methods.



CorrinaFishWinooski Natural Resources Conservation District Fall Trout Sale

The Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District is pleased to announce our Fall 2016 Trout Sale.  We are excited to provide this opportunity to District property owners to purchase Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout to stock their bodies of water.  Anyone interested in purchasing can print the required order form.  Proceeds from the sale will benefit conservation projects within the District.



Rumney underwayRumney School Project Construction News Release

Construction has begun on Stormwater Partnership Project at Rumney Memorial School.  The WNRCD, Stone Environmental, SE Group and Canonica Farm and Forest Service have partnered over the past year and a half with the Rumney Memorial School, Middlesex VT, to develop and now implement a project to better manage stormwater runoff from the school campus.



mad and dog instillation2WNRCD seeks participants for Trees for Streams 2017

The Winooski Natural Resource Conservation District (WNRCD) is currently seeking landowners within the District who live along rivers or streams and are interested in installing riparian buffers on their property during the 2017 growing season.  Riparian buffers are the grasses, shrubs, and/or trees that grow along streams. In natural conditions these plants colonize streambanks, controlling erosion and helping to filter and clean stormwater runoff before it enters our waterways. Without this protection, streambanks become unstable, erode, and become a greater source of non-point source pollution.


Connect The Drops 4.0

For its fourth anniversary, the Connecting the Drops traveling Rain Barrel Exhibit will be held at the Milton Farmers Market, adjacent to the Hannaford Plaza in Milton, VT, from June 9th – July 7th . As in years prior, this display will feature original art by local artists using rain barrels as the canvas! During the exhibit Chittenden County residents will have a chance to sign up and win one of the five, uniquely decorated
rain barrels for use at their own home or work.







12088398_1162705587092122_7269632931628864653_nWNRCD Announcing Skidder Bridge Build Demonstration

The Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District is pleased to announce our Skidder Bridge Build demonstration in conjunction with the Fontaine Mill Works open house, scheduled for Tuesday May 17, 2016 in East Montpelier VT. Visitors will visit a working mill, see the new equipment demoed throughout the day and witness as volunteers and partner organizations including Forests Parks and Recreation construct a skidder bridge for the WNRCD.  The District currently has three skidder bridges that are rented out to local loggers to insure water quality protection under a grant from the Vermont Association of Conservation Districts and VTDEC.  At 2pm join public officials and staff for a ceremonial board cutting.  There will be live demonstrations, exhibits, food and more.


12524239_1213586518652906_7726268993678030919_nEcological design students present projects

Advanced Ecological Design students Kensey Hanson, Mollie Gerber and Jessica Wymer are designing a rain garden for Landry Park in Winooski. The student team reimagined the garden and recommends a terraced approach to improve infiltration on the steep site and allow plants space to thrive and beautify a residential roadside. Through this real-world setting, the students learned site assessment techniques, rain garden design, use of optimal growth media and plant selection methods. They will share their  final design with the Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District who hope to implement the plan in the coming season.



District seeks farms who have implemented BMP’s

The Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District is seeking Vermont farmers who have implemented water quality protection measures on their farms.  Practices implemented can include: buffer plantings, cover crops, manure composting, and nutrient management planning.  Any farmer with examples of Best Management Practices in action on their farms and are interested in being featured as a success story in multi-media productions and publications are encouraged to contact the District.



First Winooski Basin Conservation Commission Meeting

The Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District (WNRCD) in partnership with the Association of Vermont Conservation Commissions (AVCC) held the first Winooski basin regional Conservation Commission meeting on Wednesday March 31, 2016 in Waterbury VT.    The event was well attended by representatives of 16 Conservation Commissions and various partner organizations.



ba1890_312ab6cc451e453e9678cf16b172d3dfWNRCD Announcing Updated Website

The Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District is pleased to announce their updated website featuring resources, links and tools for towns, organizations, and the general public.  The updated website includes information about the WNRCD including services provided and examples of conservation work accomplished.


WNRCD Appoints New Stormwater SpecialistHollyBio_Option2

The Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District announced today that Holly Kreiner has joined the District to further their development of stormwater mitigation and outreach and education.  Holly comes with an extensive background with outreach development, watershed education, stream monitoring, riparian restoration and land management practices to improve water quality.  Holly received a Bachelors of Science degree in Natural Resources from the University of Vermont.


Tree Sale

33rd Annual Tree and Trout Sale

Place your orders now for the Winooski NRCD’s 33rd Annual Tree Sale. Visit the District’s website for an order form and pick up the plants on Saturday, April 23, 2016 in Berlin or Essex Junction. We will have a wide variety of bareroot trees and shrubs available at very low cost including Northern White Cedar, Sugar Maple, Witchhazel, Nannyberry, a variety of fruit trees and berry species including Apple, Pear, Apricot, Strawberries, Blueberries and more. We have potted perennials too including Cardinal Flower, Beebalm, and Black-eyed Susan.



WNRCD Embarks on outreach to farmers about RAP’s

The Lake Champlain Basin Program (LCBP) awarded funding to the Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District (WNRCD) to reach out to small scale farmers in the Lake Champlain Basin and offer information about Best Management Practices (BMP) and the impacted of the proposed Required Agricultural Practices (RAP). With the assistance of the grant, Winooski NRCD staff are reaching out to small farmers within Chittenden, Washington and Orange counties, meeting for ‘Kitchen Table Talks’ – one-on-one, onthe-farm discussions between farmers and District staff about BMPs and available resources. New resources available for farmers include the WNRCD educational series factsheets.


mad and dog instillation2

WNRCD received funding for Trees for Streams program

The Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District (WNRCD) has received funding to support six river restoration projects in the Lake Champlain Basin. Funding from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (VTDEC) Ecosystem Restoration Program has been allocated to WNRCD to work with six landowners in Essex Junction, Milton, Shelburne, Jericho, Huntington and Bolton to plant a total of four acres of riparian buffer along Indian Brook, the Lamoille River, McCabe Brook, Lee River, Huntington River, Joiner Brook this spring.



WNRCD receives funding to design and construct stormwater project at Rumney School

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (VT DEC) awarded an Ecosystem Restoration Program grant to the Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District (WNRCD) to design and construct a stormwater installation at the Rumney Memorial School in Middlesex that will address its contribution to sediment and runoff into Martin’s Brook (locally called Shady Rill).


WNRCD seeking new Stormwater Specialist news release

The Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District is seeking a part time Stormwater Specialist to join their dynamic team, focusing on natural resource issues and water quality protection. The Stormwater Specialist is predominantly responsible for managing the stormwater projects throughout the Winooski Conservation District. Job duties include the coordination and implementation of effective stormwater conservation programs and projects with partner agencies, towns, not-for-profits, and individuals through education, outreach and implementation.